World’s Finest Ingredients #FromSoilToSoul

For anyone who has been following Myra Veda for a while, it is quite obvious that we prioritize quality over everything. Our aim is to create healthy, clean, eco - friendly products that are formulated from only the best ingredients in the world, and when we say world - we mean it! Myra Veda’s line of luxury skin and hair care products are a culmination of ingredients sourced from origins worldwide.

Whether it’s our Argan oil sourced straight from the deserts of Morocco, Our shining Camellia Leaf extract from the valleys of Japan, Our Shea Butter from Ghana in all it’s raw goodness, or our Coriander thats sourced from the best farms in India - Myra Veda does not compromise. We serve what we advertise, and since ingredients are the backbone of our foundation, there's no place for mediocrity. We spend endless hours looking up the best ingredients, how they work, where they come from and then get them from there - we don’t believe in substitutes. 

Not only does Myra Veda go the extra mile to incorporate the most authentic ingredients, we also ensure that our blend is healthy and safe. We’re not going to put a facade and call our products chemical - free, because that is not possible, however, hours of research and sleepless nights have gone into sourcing and curating a list of chemicals that are naturally derived, gentle on the skin and safe for long-term consumption. We eradicate the use of over 400 typically used chemicals. For example - Our citric acid is naturally derived from plants, our Emulsifying Wax is organic and our Ethylhexylglycerin is plant-derived glycerin. It’s imperative to use chemicals to preserve products and enhance their shelf life, and since that was unavoidable, we made sure they were clean and safe! 

Lastly, but definitely not the least, we at Myra Veda value the environment that gives so generously to us, and strive to give back to it in every way possible. All our ingredients are 100% vegetarian, cruelty free and ethically sourced. This is so important to us, we want our consumers to embrace the luxury of a profoundly botanical ritual. Our Ingredients are pure and do not promote free radicals in any way. We ensure that our components don’t disrupt the functioning and balance of hormones and are chosen in a way that works in accordance with the natural flora of the human body. We truly do bring you ingredients from #SoilToSoul.