Milk Therapy Hair Oil with Lavender, Tea-Tree and Rosemary

For Oily & Combination Skin Types Only
Surrender to the age old secret of lush, gorgeous hair with our timeless Hair Potion.
Bid adieu to hair-fall woes with our clinically proven Bhringaraj infused hair oil. Rely on the magic of ayurvedic botanicals like Karnasphota, Amla, Anjana, Sesame & Licorice, and the aromatic blend of English Lavender, Australian Tea tree & Rosemary Essential oils, a dash of extreme nourishment with coconut, cow, goat & Buffalo milk.
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Do you miss how every summer your grandmother would sit you down with her special natural ayurvedic hair oil and give you a "champi" or head massage, while telling you ancient fables or stories from her childhood? We at Myra Veda want to bring back the ancient tradition of bonding over hair oiling- a ritual passed across generations, within our Indian tradition-with our very own Milk Therapy Hair Oil. The Oil will help promote healthy hair growth, fight dandruff and prevent hairfall. Watch as our oil revitalises, moisturises and strengthens hair from root to tip and rejuvenate dry, damaged and brittle hair.
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The secret ingredients are love, passion and care.


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