Myra Veda Raw Egyptian Bath Loofah

Our luxurious Raw Egyptian loofah is a natural cleaning scrub which is perfect for exfoliating your skin. It removes oil from the skin and helps unclog the pores which in turn makes your skin look much fresher and smoother. Gently remove dry or dead skin, reduce blemishes. The most natural way to clean your skin to have a long lasting effects of young, clean, smooth and rejuvenating feel.
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Originating from the beautiful wetlands of Southeast Asia, the Luffa Aegyptiaca is a fruit renowned for not only being highly fibrous but providing supplementary benefits of being a highly effective scrubbing sponge . How you may ask ? Loofahs leave you feeling flush , pink and radiant by rejuvenating our skin triggering feelings of well being and freshness. They also help us get rid of cellulite , acne and provides the perfect solution to the time honoured conundrum of aging. This sponge gourd also known as Egyptian cucumber to some also prevents bacteria and fungus from infecting our skin. Detoxification too is never a problem as these magical loofahs also increase blood circulation getting rid of metabolic waste in the process
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