Glacial Green Clay From New Zealand

100% Pure, Natural & Therapeutic | For All Skin Types
Made from a rare deposit of Green Nontronite, our “immaculate” clay will cleanse & detoxify your skin like no other, making you feel rejuvenated & transcend you to the pristine world of nature!
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Myra Veda s mineral rich Glacial Green Clay from New Zealand is one if the rarest and purest clays in the world. Our Glacial Green clay is a 100% natural cosmetic clay sourced from a rare deposit discovered in the southern alps of New Zealand and was formed over the span of millions of years from the continuous striking os ancient Glacial ice with volcanic ash and is carefully sourced and packaged to maintain purity and freshness of this highly beneficial clay. It is known to possess a very fine particle size that makes it remarkably effective at absorbing dirt and other impurities while providing gentle Exfoliation of dead skin cells. Our Glacial Green clay also rejuvenates dull skin, improves its appearance, helps to balance skintone and leaves your skin feeling softer yet firmer

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