Changing beauty trends in the wake of Covid-19

Changing beauty trends in the wake of Covid-19

Aug 08, 2022Myravedain Admin

Blog: Title : Changing beauty trends in the wake of Covid-19

There’s no denying that Covid-19 has impacted a large sphere of our lives, even if we don’t know it yet. While things may subsidize in the future and we may look forward to living corona-free lives soon, the reality is not going back to normal for a long time coming.From the economy, to travel and even to the way we eat and spend our recreational time, life as we know it is bound to be different and altered. This brings us back to the pertinent question at our feet- how are beauty trends going to be changing in the wake of this pandemic pandemonium? Let’s dive right in and find out!

DIY (Do-it-yourself)

DIY activities been around the internet for ages and are known for their effective hacks and quick fixes. Amidst this lockdown, there has been a popular resurfacing of DIY trends with so many people posting their DIY videos! With the lockdown in place and the closure of most beauty services,

a lot of people were perplexed about how to go about their beauty routines in the absence of their monthly salon trip. However, this problem was combated by many netizens who came up with interesting DIY ideas on how to make you own wax at home, how to thread your eyebrows, how to remove your gel nails at home and even a video on how to give yourself a haircut! While we all love getting pampered with a day at the parlour, in the times of Corona, this has probably made a lot of us realise that we can practise self-care right from the comfort of our homes using natural and pure products. And while we’re riding the DIY wave, one can also go about making their personalised organic products such as lip balms and soaps and treat their skin to some much needed TLC this lockdown!

A conscious shift towards Natural Beauty products

The beauty industry has seen the worst of it this pandemic. With the closure of stores, suspension of delivery services, the beauty industry seems to have come to a standstill. If anything, this standstill has brought with it the awareness that a lot of consumers earlier didn’t pay much heed to. The Coronavirus has emphasised the importance of using natural remedies to keep up our immunity during these unforeseen times. Similarly, a lot of brands, irrespective of the industry have been speaking up about the benefits of natural ingredients to our health and well-being. With such narratives flooding the internet, it’s only natural that consumers start making conscious decisions when it comes to what they’re subjecting their body to in terms of food, exercises, medicines and even beauty products. Even before Corona, we started to see a shift in the way the world started viewing beauty products. As awareness about animal testing and unethical practices in the beauty industry grows, consumers have now shifted towards using organic, cruelty-free products which are devoid of parabens and sulphates. Even with the rampant greenwashing carried out by several beauty brands out there, it’s affirming to see consumers use their discernment and consciously choose to buy no-harm beauty.
products that contribute both to the longevity of the planet as well as our skin!

Sustainable beauty

Another thing this pandemic has taught us, it’s that sustainability is the key to surviving hardships such as these. A lot of those who have invested in sustainable beauty products in the past can see the effects and importance of the same amidst this pandemic. With beauty products that are not just durable but also sustainable and free of chemicals and preservatives, it makes us realise that investing in our beauty regimens not just monetarily but holistically is bound to bring changes in the long run, whether it comes to our lifestyle or the planet at large. We at Myra Veda are the harbingers of alternative natural beauty with ingredients sourced ethically from diverse parts of the world coupled with our age-old Ayurveda to bring you a line of premium beauty products that are organic and chemical-free, you can have a look at the same here. By coupling Ayurveda with these exotic ingredients, we take sustainability a notch higher by providing you age-old science with the infusion of natural luxe ingredients from various parts of the world that your skin is bound to.


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