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Eesha Bhatia

Glad to meet you!

Myra Veda is the World’s very FIRST Sustainable “Clean-Beauty” brand that COMBINES Exotic Ingredients Traditionally used in beauty rituals of Different Cultures Around the World - WITH - the power of time-tested Ayurvedic Botanicals, from different regions of India

Where it all started?

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A full-time Corporated Lawyer,Eesha Bhatia - the heart and soul of Myra Veda, left her well-settled job opportunity, to focus full-time on her life's passion - creating a BEAUTY brand that would change the way people perceive natural beauty and perhaps completely shift the boundaries of consumerism, especially in India.

She strongly believes that consumers should have the opportunity to make an informed choice! From the age of 6, Eesha has been inclined towards the idea of making inherent personal care products. Growing up while seeing her mother and grandmother make homemade products for personal hygiene and beautification, the idea of naturally enhancing beauty was entrenched in her mind ever since. By the age of 11, curiosity took the better of her and she started researching about various ingredients used in making commercial personal care products..

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Time passed by, and she couldn’t come across anything promising that was truly claimed “Natural”, “Herbal” or “Organic” without the presence of gimmicky chemical ingredients. So with her strong conviction to avoid chemicals, she started using natural botanicals like reetha and shikakai, but it led to her hair feeling dry and skin lacking moisture. After trying a lot of different routines, practices and global fads, Eesha finally decided to pave her own path. She started to experiment by making her own shampoo. Achieving success in this, she initiated hand-crafting natural home-made solutions for pretty much every skincare product.

Her Vission

Very soon, she started to understand things better, and after witnessing a series of cancer-causing deaths in her own family, her inquisitiveness got her thinking of what could possibly go wrong, despite these family members following a very healthy lifestyle. Her thirst for knowledge grew and her quest to fathom her curiosity began! Thereafter, every summer vacation was filled with elaborate research and excessive reading. All her research narrowed down to a scientifically approved conclusion- one of the major reasons for development of carcinogens could be the chemicals that people are exposed to on a daily basis. These chemicals get absorbed into our bodies and accumulate into our system causing long term damage to our health and well-being.

Our Brand Story
Our Promise

Our Promise

Skin is INDEED the LARGEST organ in our body. Anything good or bad applied on the skin gets ABSORBED in the body. We believe in a transparent policy for customers to make an INFORMED CHOICE about what goes inside their bodies through their SKIN.

  • Myra Veda holds a STRONG VISION to eradicate over 400 harmful chemicals that are typically used in commercial products by companies at the cost of long-term ill effects to the health of consumers.
  • Our products are environmentally sustainable, Sulphate-Free, Paraben-Free, Silicone-Free, Palm-Oil Free, Mineral Oil Free, Plasticizer Free, Eco-Friendly, Free from Animal Cruelty and are 100% Vegetarian.
  • Myra Veda holds a STRONG VISION to eradicate over 400 harmful chemicals that are typically used in commercial products by companies at the cost of long-term ill effects to the health of consumers.
  • We want our consumers to embrace into the luxury of a profoundly botanical ritual. “SUSTAINABLE BEAUTY” is the CORNERSTONE of our brand and we extensively believe in giving back to the environment.
  • Our Company is run by Women who are ambitious and passionate about making a real difference and We believe that a women is best empowered when YOUNG via EDUCATION.

We are not just a brand empowering people to take charge of what gets absorbed into their bodies, we take our responsibility towards the environment and society seriously, and try to holistically create an impact larger than ourselves for the people, the country, the planet and its animals!.

Brand Discovery

Myra Veda Luxury Essentials is a UNIQUE handcrafted fusion brand that brings to you theperfect combination of age old tried and tested AYURVEDIC BOTANICALS and DIVERSENATURAL INGREDIENTS that are traditionally sworn-by in DIFFERENT CULTURESaround the WORLD. Each product is handmade in small batches with love and compassion,with natural goodness of multiple versatile ingredients loaded with therapeutic properties forbody, mind and soul. We are dedicated to provide high quality premium products that areniche and artisanal, local and global, rooted in tradition and flawless in craftsmanship.To ensure that every single ingredient used is unadulterated and authentic, they aresourced from the best of their origins from across the world. We bring to thecustomers, the purest of exotics, right at the comfort of their homes! We have RawShea Butter coming from Ghana, Sweet Almonds from Spain (Marcona),Avocados from Turkey (Antalya), oils of Jojoba from Israel (Negev), Red clayfrom Hawaii, Wakame Seaweed from Korea, Cocoa butter from Belgian, OliveOil, Argan Oil and Blackseed from Morocco, Matcha Tea and Camellia fromJapan, Peaches from Madagascar, Roses from Turkey, Saffron from Iran,Peony and Zinc from Greece, all of which beautifully blend with age-oldAyurvedic botanicals like ginger, aloe vera, coriander, oils of neem and castor,retha, liquorice, raw kokum butter and turmeric. Our formulas are incorporated and designed in a manner which, most of our ingredients closely resemble the natural chemistry of the human cell structure,and therefore work in accord with the natural flora of the human body. We want to be a powerful source of nourishment, not limiting to one’s skin andhair but enriching one’s soul. We promise you an exquisite experience that’ll take you a few steps closer to an organic lifestyle. We are and will always be GRATEFUL for your constant SUPPORT and INVOLVEMENT. We are a NUCLEAR brand and we pledge to keep learning, educating andexpanding!

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