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At Myra Veda we believe in taking a step today for a better world tomorrow.


Our founder Eesha Bhatia was inclined towards the idea of making inherent personal care products, right from the comfort of her own kitchen and from when she was young. At Myra Veda she has created a team that focuses on scientifically-backed unique formulations from scratch that are free from chemical-ridden bases. The ingredients are truly sourced from different parts of the world and all of these fascinating ingredients are soulfully blended with deeply rooted Ayurvedic Botanicals of our very own country, India.

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Giving back

While Myra Veda is a luxurious skin and hair care brand, it has logistical tie-ups with local recycling companies across Mumbai. All we do is collect your Myra Veda eco-friendly 100% recyclable waste in our storage unit until it becomes environmentally viable to transport it all to our recycling partner who completely recycles this waste – which means that you contributed your bit to the environment by reducing energy waste, reducing the consumption of new raw materials, reducing water & air pollution from landfills and reducing emissions of harmful greenhouse gases!

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