How to minimise pores?

How to minimise pores?

Aug 08, 2022Myravedain Admin

Pores are a very natural occurrence and we all have them. They contain your sebaceous glands, hair follicles and sweat glands.  In fact, we have pores all over our body and not just on our face. Pores are essential to maintaining skin health since they allow sweat and oil to come up to the surface and provide lubrication. They keep you cool and keep your skin healthy by getting rid of toxins.

But some pores appear larger, especially on the nose and forehead. There’s no way — and no reason — to close your pores completely. But there are ways to make them appear less prominent on your skin.


Firstly let’s understand what determines your pore size


The appearance and actual size of your pores is determined by different factors:

  • Your genetics
  • Your age. As you age, your skin loses its elasticity and makes your pores appear larger.
  • If your skin type is oily, the appearance of your pores may be enhanced as compared to other skin types
  • The amount of sun exposure you get

How can you minimise the appearance of pores?

Despite the claims made by many skincare products, you can't actually shrink the size of your pores, but with a few small changes to your skincare routine, you can make them appear smaller in size. 

  • Use a gentle exfoliating face wash - Wash your face twice a day with lukewarm water and make sure not to pick at your pores. Cleansing your pores and keeping them free from dirt and excess build-up of sebum can minimise their appearance. Use a natural, gentle face wash like Myra Veda’s French Oatmeal and Charcoal Powdered Facewash for best results. 
  • Exfoliate your skin once a week - Oil, dead skin and dirt and build-up on your skin, blocking your pores. Clogged pores can appear bigger and cause acne. Do not use harsh exfoliators and instead opt for a gentle, natural exfoliator that won’t irritate your skin. Try Myra Veda’s Hawaiian Mud and Seaweed Scrub to exfoliate your skin gently and give it a radiant look. 
  • Moisturise your skin daily - It may seem counterproductive to moisturise oily skin but an oil-free moisturiser can help reduce the visibility of pores. The oil from the sebaceous glands is allowed to penetrate deeper into the skin instead of staying on the surface. This prevents your pores from getting clogged with oil and minimises their appearance. 
  • Always remove your makeup at night - sleeping with your makeup still on can clog your pores with oil, makeup and bacteria. Make sure you keep some cleansing wipes on your bedside table so you can easily remove makeup when you're in a hurry. 
  • Keep your hands off your face - As tempting as it may be, don't pick at your pores! The bacteria on your fingers can make their way into your pores and can aggravate them further, causing blemishes and permanent scarring. 

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