Sustainability, Recycling and Clean Beauty

Sustainability, Recycling and Clean Beauty

Aug 08, 2022Myravedain Admin

In recent times, the beauty industry has experienced a revolution of sorts and is faced with a different type of consumer. Today, the emphasis is more towards clean and sustainable beauty - beauty that is good for the skin, body and the environment. As we become more conscious and environmentally aware, the beauty industry has also adapted and welcomed this shift in approach. But what exactly is sustainability and what is clean beauty? Let's find out!


The push for sustainability actually comes because we're more conscious about our deteriorating environment. Sustainability covers things such as carbon footprint, energy and water usage, waste consumption and reduction, green buildings and eco-friendly designs and packaging etc. The idea is to create something that does minimal if not zero damage to the environment.
In this, recycling plays a rather important role. Recycling can be in many forms - the most easily identifiable being the packaging of the products. With the rise of e-commerce, there has been a lot said about all the extra packaging and the excessive waste being created. Reusability and recyclability are crucial elements to creating a sustainable product and supply chain. 
You have to keep in mind that sustainability is a multi-dimensional approach. You're looking at everything here. From business practices, ethical sourcing, vegan and cruelty-free processes, to thoughtful packaging, robust waste management and natural organic ingredients.

Taking a Close Look at Recycling

Waste generation and reduction has become a very relevant issue today and rightfully so. With brands taking a conscious approach to tackling the waste issue and the increased emphasis on recycling has been a very healthy push towards a greener future. But it is not just the packaging of beauty products that set the bar here. It's about office practices and company values and what employees do and don't do. 
The fact that brands today are choosing an eco-friendly and sustainable option is a signal of changing consumer needs and what people really want - a clean, organic and healthy option that does well all around. 

Clean Beauty

Now let's talk about clean beauty. It is a lot about ethics and ethically-sourced ingredients. You're not just focussing on being cruelty-free and palm oil-free here but also about how effective and gentle the ingredients are on your skin. Often at times certain products, though seemingly effective, end up doing more damage to the skin and hair. Clean beauty often features natural and organic ingredients that are free from synthetic chemicals and certain preservatives that do serious damage to the skin in the long run.

Sustainable and clean beauty is a conscious and informed step towards a better future and lifestyle. It is no surprise that the ages-old practices of Ayurveda are getting a great push. 
At Myra Veda, we're committed to the idea of holistic beauty that is clean, sustainable and ethical. Beauty on the inside and the outside.

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