Myraveda Luxury

Skin Care Based Mineral Make Up Lipsticks

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Unlike the makeup available all around us that Myra Veda is strictly against (because it is made up of toxic chemicals like polyethylene, petroleum by-products, etc apart from animal cruelty induced ingredients such as carmine red, fish scales & much more), Myra Veda's upcoming Skin Care Based Mineral Makeup line will be a game-changer in the industry!

Why? Because it is made using exotic skin-loving oils and butter, essential oils, natural flavors, mineral-based colors, petals, roots, barks, seeds, flowers & fruits! All vegetarian and cruelty-free as always!

Why use toxic stuff when you have a better alternative?
This is a promotional beta launch to understand from our customers what they liked about the products and if they could be improved to suit their liking better. Our R&D team constantly strives to do better and give customers what they really want & love!