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At Myra Veda, you will be making an Informed Choice as we are completely transparent about our product and services.



Our fundamental motto is women empowerment. We’re a hardworking team of women and no one truly understands women better than each other! At all levels in the company, be it upper management or base level, we are women who: support each other; stand alongside one another; eat together; help each other and motivate one another. We know for a fact that this is our safe place where we’ll never have to worry about being discriminated against and are celebrated for our individuality without judgments, and as women on a mission! We hope to keep employing more women as the company grows and expanding our team of boss ladies, who are all set to conquer the beauty industry with our unique offerings & charms!

We intend to provide primary support and nurture women in dominant working environments. We provide skill training and employment to underprivileged women. Our vision is to give them the financial freedom they need! Our products are made by Women, Our Company is run by Women. We are a group of ambitious and passionate women. We want to bring about a real difference. 


We at Myra Veda believe in making this world a better place for women by doing our part, to the best of our capability taking the following measures- We create employment for women and provide even basic skill-trainings and we contribute towards Girl Child Education in India through profit-sharing as well as raising money through auctions that go directly into educating girls in rural parts of our country. Educating a girl is equivalent to educating a whole community - they are empowered to then earn in organized sectors; live a dignified life on their terms; not feel helpless in toxic and abusive marriages/families, since they are empowered to make their choices; Capable of making sound decisions and guiding their children who are the future of the country and much more – all they need is a fair chance. Myra Veda is currently associated with two organizations for this mission, one being the Nanhi-Kali Foundation where they not only actively convince rural families to educate their girls but also provide for books, sanitary napkins, and other essential items apart from hosting extra-classes for uninterrupted education of girls. Secondly with the Shaktii Education Foundation for Girls that educates, empowers, and edifies girls providing holistic academic and financial support, additional training in soft-skills & life-skills in a safe and healthy environment. As our brand grows, we will continue making a bigger difference in the lives of as many girls as possible, so they grow up to be empowered women of India!


Myra Veda Organics Pvt. Ltd. is ABSOLUTELY COMMITTED to the environment and we strictly intend to follow a ZERO WASTE philosophy with your help & support!We’re the first brand in India to offer pan-India door-step recycling pickup services. Alongside, travel-friendly & eco-friendly luxurious packaging debutant. We want to be the brand that is famous for being ‘sustainable’ and ‘organic’ throughout its lifespan. We at Myra Veda are beyond glad to NOT ENTERTAIN any person/existing or potential customer who believes that Climate Change is NOT real!



We pay a lot more than other competitors to our packaging vendors for the most superior quality combination of completely safe and environmentally viable packaging materials so that you receive a guilt-free eco-friendly and recyclable package.We ‘recycle’ it for you too, by picking up your empty Myra Veda tubes/containers from your door-step in the comfort of your home, anywhere in India through our Green Goddess Initiative because of our duty as a responsible company & citizens of Earth. Doesn’t end there! You get rewarded for every single item in the Green Goddess bag. The more empty packaging you collect, the higher your ‘Organic Reward’ score!Further, Myra Veda has logistical tie-ups with local recycling companies across Mumbai. All we do is collect your Myra Veda eco-friendly 100% recyclable waste in our storage unit until it becomes environmentally viable to transport it all to our recycling partner who completely recycles this waste – which means that you contributed your bit to the environment by reducing energy waste, reducing the consumption of new raw materials, reducing water & air pollution from landfills and reducing emissions of harmful greenhouse gases!To conclude, Myra Veda as a responsible company strongly believes in giving back to the environment that we as humans take so much from. It’s your chance to be ‘Wiser Together’ with us by not only sparing your skin & hair from over 400+ typically used harmful chemicals by choosing our products that travel from ‘Soil To Soul’ but also sparing our marvellous planet the horrors that come with Plastic Pollution!While Saving the Planet is surely rewarding in itself, Myra Veda salutes your determination and support in doing so by additionally granting you ‘Organic Reward Points’ for your future purchases through our website.


Myra Veda is not merely the first Indian social-entrepreneurship driven beauty brand, we’re a Women Empowered Movement that also aims at making the world a better place to live in. Myra Veda is BY WOMEN – FOR WOMEN. From a different perspective, we’re empowering women who are our customers not just in India but worldwide into making informed-choices with Myra Veda!

As a customer, by purchasing Myra Veda products, you can enjoy premium and exotic easy-to-use natural products made from scratch. Leave your worries about indirectly consuming harmful chemicals. Through us, you will be contributing to Girl Child Education.
Furthermore, you are negating the environmental ill impact. You will be making an informed choice, as we are completely transparent about our product and services.