Brazilian Yellow Clay

Brazilian clay are all set to become the hottest beauty trend owing to their amazing benefits, organic properties and ease of use. Myra Veda’s Brazilian yellow clay is a magical ancient ingredient that unveils its magic on your skin with its mineral-rich properties that help in collagen formation helping you achieve youthful and glowing skin. Brazilian yellow clay is sourced from different regions of Brazil, which is the land of mineral-rich soil. Use yellow clay on the skin as an exfoliate and anti-ageing product and for hair as anti-flaking shampoo and conditioner.
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Know the Product
  1. Brazilian yellow clay for nourishment and detoxification- This organic golden elixir helps in eliminating impurities, oiliness, and dead skin cells from your skin to leave you with healthy-looking clear skin.
  2. Ideal for sensitive and dry skin- If you are someone who loves masking but are worried that it leaves your skin dry and damaged, then yellow clay is your saviour. It removes the excess oil without stripping the natural oil from your skin. Additionally, its organic and unique composition does not damage sensitive skin.
  3. Yellow clay for healthy locks- Brazilian yellow clay eliminates dead skin cells and product buildup from the scalp prevents flakiness and removes oiliness; blessing you with healthier hair.



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