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Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil

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Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil helps reduce acne and blemishes. It also helps reduce
hyperpigmentation & dark spots, giving you smooth, even toned and radiant skin. It also helps
prevent hair fall and hair lice owing to its antibacterial properties. The fragrance of Lavender
Essential Oil helps calm your nerves, alleviates your mood and reduces stress to promote better
skin, hair & mental health!
➔ Anti-Acne
➔ Reduces blemishes
➔ Reduces hyperpigmentation & dark spots
➔ Treats dull and uneven toned skin
➔ Prevents hair fall & lice
This is the world's highest Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil. Please note that all Myra Veda
essential oils being 100% pure, are extremely concentrated. When used on skin & hair, the
maximum should be 2% diluted in other carrier oils or concoctions to stay within dermal limits.
Because of the high potency of the natural product, pregnant women must always check with
their doctors before using any essential oil. For external use only.
Complete List Of Ingredients: 100% Pure Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil
Scientific Name: Lavandula Angustifolia