Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil

It’s an age old saying that how you feel on the inside, is how you look on the outside. While Myra Veda has been committed to helping individuals naturally enjoy flawless skin and hair, our newest product - Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil is here to help calm your nerves, alleviate your mood and reduce stress to promote better skin, hair & mental health!


Please note that all Myra Veda essential oils being a 100% pure are extremely concentrated.When used on skin & hair,the maximum should be 2% diluted in other carrier oils or concentrated to stay within dermal limits. 

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Know the Product
  1. Fresh Fragrance: Myra Veda’s Bulgarian Lavender Essential out has sweet press undertones of floral goodness that will instantly boost your mood
  2. Straight from The Source: The Myra Veda promise is good, fresh, luze ingredients - right from its source, all the way from Bulgaria, this essential oil will blow all your troubles away
  3. No More Negativity: Our Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil is known to help relieve anxiety, stress and boost your overall mood
  4. Skin & Hair Health: Bulgarian Lavender is one of the most popularly sought after types of the flower and helps get rid of dandruff and acne owing to its antibacterial properties.

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