French Neroli Essential Oil

Myra Veda’s French neroli essential oil is a powerhouse of goodness when it comes to antioxidants and aromatic wellness. As soon as you uncap this bottle of French excellence, you will experience a blast of irresistible fragrance that will teleport your mind to an orange orchard but only with a much more stimulating and powerful effect. Neroli essential oil has antiseptic and antioxidant properties which works wonders for your skin. The aphrodisiac properties loaded in this essential oil has a soothing effect and are perfect for romantic settings as well.


Please note that all Myra Veda essential oils being a 100% pure are extremely concentrated.When used on skin & hair,the maximum should be 2% diluted in other carrier oils or concentrated to stay within dermal limits. 

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Know the Product
  1. Rejuvenates dull hair- If your hair feels dull and lifeless due to continuous use of artificial heating and styling products, Neroli essential oil comes to your rescue as it has the ability to revitalize listless-looking hair and stimulates growth without any side effects.
  2. Multiple skincare qualities- Neroli essential oil helps in fighting pimples, thanks to its antibacterial properties. Not only does it reduce wrinkles and moisturize skin but also minimizes dark spots and blemishes, leaving your skin youthful and vibrant.
  3. Regulates flood flow and reduces stress- If your mornings and rest of day are leaving you lethargic and stressful, one deep inhalation of our organic neroli oil will regulate blood flow and promote a feeling of happiness instantly.

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