Madagascar Rose Geranium Essential Oil

From the luscious troves of Madagascar, this Rose Geranium Essential Oil is here to address all your skin issues. Myra Veda’s naturally sourced Rose Geranium Oil contains antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties making it your skin's best friend! This essential oil not only helps purge skin gunk but also smells incredibly divine while doing it. 


Please note that all Myra Veda essential oils being 100% pure are extremely concentrated. When used on skin & hair, the maximum should be 2% diluted in other carrier oils or concentrated to stay within dermal limits. 

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Know the Product
  • No More Inflammation: Myra Veda’s Rose Geranium Oil helps reduce and soothe inflammation of the skin 
  • Say Goodbye to Scarring: our Madagascar Rose geranium Oil is known to heal pain and wounds from burning and scarring
  • Good Vibes only: Apart from keeping skin blemish free, the calming scent of our Madagascar Rose Geranium Oil will enhance your mood and promote emotional stability - making you feel just as good on the inside as it does on the outside

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