Myra Veda Wellness Gift Hamper with Sugar-free Chocolate.

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Whether you're looking for THE PERFECT GIFT or just some self-indulgence, this hamper is for you.

This Beautiful Large Gift Hamper Box includes (1000g):

  1. Pure Rose Water (100ml) - Take a trip down the Ancient Middle east with the Finest Rose water made from fresh Steam- Distilled petals of the highest quality Damask Roses. Indulge in the Therapeutic effects of this Pure Skin Elixir and watch it hydrate and revitalize your skin and control excess oil while maintaining your skin’s PH balance.
  2. Bath Bomb (55g) – Watch our vibrantly colored, invigoratingly scented bath bomb transform an ordinary bath into a lush, heavenly, and luxurious experience that leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated for days at a stretch.
  3. French Green Clay (100g) - Transform your skin with our sublime blend of Pure Green clay sourced from the coasts of Southern France, set to draw out harmful toxins from your pores, & bestow a soothing effect on your skin!
  4. Turkish Rose, Almond, Saffron & Goat Milk Lotion (50g) - Long-lasting moisturizing lotion with Turkish Roses, Iranian Saffron, Goat Milk, and Sweet Almonds from Spain, that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it feeling soft, hydrated, and extremely supple.
  5. Madagascar Coconut Milk & Mandarin Nectarizing Body Wash (50ml) - Take a dip in the tropical wonderland of Madagascar with the Madagascar Coconut Milk & Mandarin Nectarizing Body Wash that nourishes your skin deeply for a refreshing bathing experience.
  6. Sugar-free, Stevia-sweetened Couverture Belgian Roasted Almond Dark Chocolate from Zevic (40g) - Handpicked Almonds that are roasted to perfection and blended with unsweetened dark cocoa for an exquisite indulgence.
  7. This hamper also includes a complimentary Evil Eye Key Chain.

Material: Cream + Gel + Solid + Chocolate

Size: 10cmx30cmx25cm

The Bath Bomb that you will receive might vary in size and color as that seen on the image, depending on the availability. At Myra Veda, Bath Bombs are freshly handcrafted as and when an order is placed!