All about Morrocco’s mythical oil

All about Morrocco’s mythical oil

Aug 08, 2022Myravedain Admin

Moroccan argan oil has taken the beauty industry by a storm in the past decade. Whether you’re a beauty aficionado or someone fairly new to the realm of beauty products and rituals, both of these diverse groups are aware of the existence of Morrocan oil and it’s the list of benefits. So what makes Argan oil so revered today and where did it originate from?

Well, it has been used for centuries by Berber women for its many virtues; Argan oil has exceeded the borders of Morocco and sparked a worldwide interest for its cosmetic properties and qualities. Initially, it was used to light lamps oil lamps because of its high luminosity. Later, the Berber tired identified its cosmetic and nutritional value and began to incorporate it into their daily lives. Once this integration took place, argan oil exceeded the border of Morocco and found its way into the lives of many others around the globe. So what is it that this mythical oil claims to do? Read on to find out the same.

Benefits of Argan Oil on skin and hair

Magical moisturisation- We used the word magical with moisturisation because a few drops of argan oil and your skin would know why. Argan oil is present with fatty acid content which gives your skin a natural radiance. It also absorbs easily and is non greasy, hydrating your skin effortlessly while giving you that glory ethereal look!

Anti Ageing- Apart from giving you the coveted dewy look, Argan oil is packed with antioxidants such as melatonin that reduce the damaging effects of free radicals.

Anti-inflammatory- Argan oil is anti-inflammatory and may help with the reduction of redness, injuries and other skin flareups.

See you later scars and stretchmarks! -With its abundant healing properties, the triterpenoids present in Argan oil are known to heal the tissue scar as well as effectively lighten pre-existing scars upon regular use.

Prevents acne- With its ubiquitous presence of antioxidants, Argan oil is an effective tool to combat acne and as we mentioned above, it helps with the scars and marks as well. With this oil as your beauty essential, your trips to the dermatologist are soon to become a thing of the past!

Goodbye forever split ends! - Massaging argan oil regularly into your scalp and coating each strand with this mythic oil provides it with deep nourishment which helps in strengthening the hair and prevents that hair from becoming brittle and splitting.

Dazzle them with that shine- Full of antioxidants and essential vitamins, regular use of argan oil strengthens hair over time and brings back its natural lustre and shine. Strong, shiny hair is just one head massage away!

Do away with dandruff- Most people have experienced dandruff at some point in their life and we all know it can be a messy problem to deal with. However, do away you dandruff woes with Argan oil. With its intensely hydrating formula, it provides the scalp with the essential nourishment required without being too greasy!

Natural hairstyling fix- Due to its natural, lightweight and non-greasy formula, Argan oil makes for the perfect pre-styling primer for your hair! It’s healing properties prevent the damage caused by heat to the hair promoting longevity while keeping your hair healthy!

Heals with hair loss and hair damage- Extensive hairstyling and exposure to heat and leave hair dull and damages, sometimes also leading to hair fall. Argan oil heals the follicles present on the scalp and leads to the growth of healthy hair.

Myra Veda and Argan oil - Find magic in the mundane when these two come together!

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With all the amazing properties of Argan oil that we’ve listed above, we’re sure you now wouldn't mind us calling Argan Oil mythical! At Myra Veda, we aim at upholding the strongest measures when it comes to quality and authenticity to provide our consumers with the best. Hence, we source our Argan oil from the origin of this mythical oil itself- Morrocco. By doing so, we ensure the maximum benefits of the ingredients aren’t lost or diminished. Its time you try for yourself that wonderful benefits this mythical oil as to offer. Our Morocco argan and blacked restorative shampoo is present with Argan oil amongst other natural ingredients that are bound to leave your hair soft, shiny and full of life. Go get that bounce back and buy our shampoo here.

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