Decoding the Mysteries of Ayurveda

Decoding the Mysteries of Ayurveda

Aug 08, 2022Myravedain Admin

Ah, the ancient art and practice of Ayurveda. So many people and brands talk about it yet few are truly able to explain what it is (and you thought math was problematic!) But, as usual, we're here to tell you what's what. So, let's clear the air around Ayurveda and what it really even means!

Balance of the Mind, Body and Soul

So, Ayurveda has been around for a really long time - it is said to have originated in India over 5,000 years ago! It's pretty amazing how something so old has still managed to stand its ground with all these technological innovations coming our way. Referred to as the 'Mother of all Healing' and 'Science of Life', Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of balance - mental, physical and emotional.

According to Ayurveda, the body, mind and consciousness work together to maintain an equilibrium of sorts with the universe. As long as this balance - this equilibrium - is maintained, all is good. When it is disrupted, you fall ill. Now there are a lot of things that can disrupt this balance such as birth defects, climate change and your emotions among others.

The Five Elements and Three Energies

As per Ayurvedic philosophy, the universe and all it contains are made up of five basic elements - Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space. In your body, these five elements combine to give you three energies (doshas) that control how your body works. These energies are Vata, Pitta (no not Pita bread) and Kapha. While everyone has these three energies, they're all in different proportions. The balance of these energies controls how sick you'll get. Let's go through each one of it.

First up, the Vata dosha. This is the energy associated with movement - that includes breathing, blinking and any kind of muscle and tissue movement. It's composed of Space and Air. If everything is balanced, Vata promotes creativity and flexibility. But if it's unbalanced, then Vata induces fear and anxiety. Things such as eating again soon after a meal or staying up late can affect your Vata dosha.

If the Vata dosha is your main life force, you're likely to develop conditions such as anxiety, heart diseases, skin problems and asthma.

Next, we have the Pitta dosha. This energy, made of Fire and Water, controls your digestion, metabolism and any other digestion-related hormones. When balanced, the Pitta dosha promotes understanding and intelligence. When unbalanced, it arouses anger, jealousy and hatred. If you want to take care of your Pitta dosha, stay away from sour and spicy foods and don't spend too much time in the sun!

If the Pitta dosha is your main life force, you're more prone to high blood pressure and infections.

Last, but not least, we have the Kapha dosha. This energy controls muscle growth, weight, body strength and your immune system. Made from Earth and Water, the Kapha dosha promotes love, forgiveness and calmness when balanced. When unbalanced, it leads to attachment, greed and envy. If you want to keep your Kapha dosha in check, keep away from too sweet or salty foods.

If this is your main life force, you're more likely to have nausea, diabetes, obesity, cancer and breathing disorders.

The Power of Ayurvedic Herbs

Herbs are central to Ayurvedic processes and practices. At Myra Veda, we acknowledge and strongly believe in the power of Ayurvedic botanicals and herbs. We've incorporated several ayurvedic herbs and botanicals to give your skin and hair all the goodness and much-needed love they deserve!

The extracts of aloe vera in our Japanese Matcha Tea and Camellia Restorative Shampoo help condition your luscious locks. Coriander extracts thicken and moisturize the hair. Ginger extracts promote growth. The ayurvedic castor and neem oils in our Moroccan Argan and Blackseed Restorative Shampoo stimulates blood circulation, hair growth and promote scalp vitality and shine. Our Turkish Rose, Almond, Saffron and Goat Milk Body Lotion is enriched with ayurvedic turmeric oil, kokum butter and liquorice root that impart radiance and rejuvenation to the skin.

Embrace the potency and power of ayurvedic botanical with our organic, natural and cruelty-free products!

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